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Registered Charity No: 228167

West Looe Town Trust Meeting Room

West Looe Town Trust was established in 1873 and is a registered charity (regd. charity no: 228167). The trust owns a range of domestic, commercial and historic properties in West Looe and its income is used to manage and maintain its various properties. Any surplus income is used to fulfil the charitable aims of the West Looe Town Trust.

The trust has a number of houses and flats that are rented to local residents. It also has much sought after car parking spaces, garages and commercial premises that are rented or leased. If you are interested in any of these facilities, please contact the West Looe Town Trust Office for further details.


Please remember that the deadline for all applications for an education grant for the 2020-21 academic year is as follows; Monday 20th July 2020

COVID-19: West Looe Town Trust assists Looe GP Surgery with PPE grant

Following an urgent request for help from the Old Bridge Surgery in East Looe to secure supplies of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), West Looe Town Trust has pledged £10,000 of financial support to purchase the necessary equipment.

The request was to fund packs of higher level PPE (similar to that used in hospitals) comprising 30x FFP3 masks, visors and splash proof gowns for use with high risk COVID-19 patients. Each pack costs £990+VAT, and WLTT has agreed to pay for 10 packs.

This higher level of PPE will ensure that our Paramedic and GPs, who will need to undertake some essential care home/home visits during the coming weeks and months, will have the high level of personal protection that they rightly deserve.

The relief of distress and sickness is one of the core aims within WLTT’s charitable framework and the Trustees are pleased to be able to assist with this urgent request.