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West Looe Town Trust
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Regd.Charity No. 228167

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Welcome to the official website of West Looe Town Trust

West Looe Town Trust was established in 1873 and is a registered charity (regd. charity no: 228167). The trust owns a range of domestic, commercial and historic properties in West Looe and its income is used to manage and maintain its various properties. Any surplus income is used to fulfil the charitable aims of the West Looe Town Trust.

The trust has a number of houses and flats that are rented to local residents. It also has much sought after car parking spaces, garages and commercial premises that are rented or leased. If you are interested in any of these facilities, please contact the West Looe Town Trust Office for further details.

Recent Funding News

Over the last 10 years, WLTT funding for local students in Further- and/or Higher-Education has increased dramatically to the point where WLTT has now committed over £40,000 to educational funding. This has never been more important than at the present time, when many students are using their grant funding to purchase computer equipment that is so vital for remote learning. So far this academic year, £25,462 of the committed funds have been used.

Other significant funding has included a contribution to Looe Football Club of £2,250 towards a new mower attachment for the football pitch and an additional grant of £3,800 to Looe in Bloom for the purchase of a replacement vehicle (this is in addition to £3000 donated in 2020).

Finally, WLTT has donated £500 to Riverside Church for repairs to the church organ.

WLTT Charitable Funding 2020

Globally, 2020 has been a most unusual year. However, West Looe Town Trust has continued to function from behind a closed office door and with Trustees meeting, like many other organisations, via ‘Zoom’.
During 2020, the Trust’s charitable giving has continued unabated, particularly towards the young people of Looe in the form of personal grants (up to £500 each p.a.) towards further- and higher-education costs. This year the Trust has pledged in excess of £40,000 towards these educational grants, with 83 local students benefiting from financial support.
In addition, the Trust has made donations to other organisations in the town including:
Looe Darby & Joan Club
St Nicholas Church (Clock repair)
Looe in Bloom
The Haven Project
Looe Town Football Club (contribution towards a new mower)
Looe Sailing Club (purchase of Mirror dinghies)
Youth Rock Band ‘Division’ (equipment)
Radio Looe (equipment)
Riverside United Church (organ repair)
The Trust has also granted funding to individuals in need of specialist medical equipment, which enables them to continue to live in their own homes.
During the first lockdown, WLTT provided an emergency grant of £10,000 to fund provision of much needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the doctors’ surgery. These costs were later covered centrally by the NHS and the grant funds were returned to the Trust. Nevertheless, this demonstrates how the Trust is able to respond very swiftly to a local need.
In total, these educational, organizational and individual grants amounted to £64,998 at the time of writing
Finally, the Trust continues to maintain West Looe Downs as a public green space for all to enjoy, which has been particularly important during 2020.

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