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Specialist Electric Turning Bed

West Looe Town Trust has available a specialist carer’s single bed (a Laybrook Turning single bed).

Full details are available on the manufacturer’s website (click website link below).

The bed was supplied new in November 2019 and is complete with headboard and memory-foam mattress.
NOTE: This bed is very heavy for its size and will require collection from the Trust.

If you know of someone who would benefit from such a specialist bed, please contact the West Looe Town Trust office in the first instance.

Visit website

29th March 2021

Recent Funding News

Over the last 10 years, WLTT funding for local students in Further- and/or Higher-Education has increased dramatically to the point where WLTT has now committed over £40,000 to educational funding. This has never been more important than at the present time, when many students are using their grant funding to purchase computer equipment that is so vital for remote learning. So far this academic year, £25,462 of the committed funds have been used.

Other significant funding has included a contribution to Looe Football Club of £2,250 towards a new mower attachment for the football pitch and an additional grant of £3,800 to Looe in Bloom for the purchase of a replacement vehicle (this is in addition to £3000 donated in 2020).

Finally, WLTT has donated £500 to Riverside Church for repairs to the church organ.

2nd March 2021

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